Behavioral Assessments

Boost performance with Extended DISC®

Behavioral Assessments can provide you with a tremendous competitive edge over your toughest competitors. Understanding what make you and your team “tick” helps you tailor your approach to each individual to optimize their contribution to your company.

ROI Business Group offers you a full suite of online Behavioral Assessment tools which provide you with the information you need to optimize your leadership performance and  maximize the performance of your employees.

With the Extended DISC® Individual Behavioral Assessment tool, you will

  • Better understand yourself, your leadership team and your employees – how you act, react and engage with clients, employees, suppliers, competition and your community
  • Place the right people in the right positions at the right time
  • Develop a more engaged and cohesive team of employees
  • Make more informed decisions and develop better people management strategies
  • Translate personal performance into strategic direction

ROI Business Group utilizes an easy-to-use online, 24 question behavioral assessment tool that captures your natural behavioral patterns, your built-in DNA driven actions and reactions. This globally-recognized tool helps define your traits into four major behavioral patterns as developed by psychologist  Dr. William Marston: D – Driven,  I – Influential, S – Steady and C – Cautious. Most people fall across more than one type of behavioral pattern with one being their dominant trait,  for example, you may be 10% Influencer, 70% Steady and 20% Cautious type or you could be a 90% Driven and 10% Influencer type. This understanding helps you find the best talent for each position resulting in lower turnover, stronger employee engagement and better financial results.  It makes you a better leader too.

Time Commitment: 7 – 10 minutes  [View Sample Report]

All data entered is strictly confidential and will not be used by ROI Business Group Inc &  Extended DISC®nor be shared with any other party. No software or special hardware is required on your end to use this system. A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and ROI Business Group Inc. is mandatory to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

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