Business Reality Check

BUSINESS REALITY CHECK: Knowing your company’s weaknesses is one of your greatest strengths.  Evaluate your own leadership and management skills and your business’s level of success in Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Business Systems, Customer Service, Exit & Succession Planning, Financial Planning and Personal Effectiveness so you can turn current pressing issues into SMART goals and strategies. Create action steps that will keep your business growth on track.

With ROI Business Effectiveness Gap Analysis tool, you will

  • Begin to ask yourself very FIERCE questions
  • Better understand yourself and your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover where your company ranks today in 10 Key Performance Areas
  • Make more informed decisions and develop better management strategies through better performance measurements
  • Strengthen your communications with customers, employees and stakeholders
  • Place the right people in the right positions at the right time
  • Develop a more engaged and cohesive team of employees
  • Translate personal performance into strategic direction

Measure your corporate effectiveness ranking today.  You will receive a Corporate Report Card allowing you to identify trouble spots and  to take strategic actions to tackle those issues.  This analysis works best when paired with the Financial Benchmarking tools to give you the complete picture on your business so that you can earn a good return on your investment.

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Time Commitment: 20 – 30 minutes of uninterrupted time

Required information: Latest Financial Statements