Executive Coach


New Rules. New Game. Now is the time to build your winning hand.

Business growth naturally happens in cycles and the end of a cycle or change of economic climate often causes business owners to become stuck moving their business to the next level. They often go out on a limb, reaching for that next level of success.

If you are out on a limb right now, what’s your next move?

Every high performing athlete and business leader has a professional coach on their team.With an Executive Leadership Coach…

  • YOU will define and prioritize your issues
  • YOU will set SMART goals and sound strategies
  • YOU will take effective actions
  • YOU will achieve the growth you need to beat your competition
  • YOU will drastically reduce your stress levels
  • YOU will enjoy a more balanced and and pleasant lifestyle

Being the CEO can be an incredibly lonely place. Having a trusted confidant with whom you can brain storm and strategize will allow you to achieve your goals. You will gain better balance in your work and personal life allowing you the breathing room you need to work on your business, not in it. You will be fully supported while achieving specific personal or professional results or goals in a time frame that could be as little as a few months or may be a couple of years or more.

With your ROI Executive Coach, you also have access to ROI Business Group’s specially crafted Business Assessment Tools that enable you to compete more effectively with the corporate giants. As a small to medium sized business, you have an advantage over the big guys – you can turn on a dime with nine cents change when necessary. They can’t. Check out the ROI Business Assessment Tools: Business Effectiveness, Financial Benchmarking and Behaviour Analysis being the big three.

To optimize your Return On Investment, your Coach will work with you privately for 90 minutes each week to help you focus on prioritizing your most pressing issues, establish SMART goals and develop strategies that will keep your company on track and your competition struggling to catch up. You will have unlimited email access to your coach between sessions.

Given the many issues on your plate today, what is the most pressing issue you need to work on today? What impact would solving that issue have on your bottom-line? How much stress is it causing you? What’s getting in the way of solving that issue?

Let’s get started. Call me today – 807-464-2993.

Our Guarantee:

We put our money where our mouth is. If, after 30 days of Executive Leadership Coaching, you do not feel that you are seeing the results you desire or expected, we’ll refund all of your money and call it a day.

* Includes 90 minutes of one-on-one private coaching each session with unlimited emails PLUS Business Effectiveness Assessment, Financial Benchmarking Analyser Pro, Behavioural Analysis with Extended DISC®, mp3 recording of every session, complimentary copy of Gino Wickman's TRACTION: Get a Grip on Your Business.

** Team Extended DISC® analysis available.