What is Business Coaching?

A Business Coach is very much like a sports, music, or performing arts coach. Coaches teach, encourage, challenge, and provide structure and accountability to the people they coach. Coaches reinforce positive advancement and also bring people back to the fundamentals when needed. They push the people they coach to meet their full potential. Coaches can give a hug or give a kick and they know when to do which! A good coach leads by example and is inspiring to those around him/her. Yes, a coach is a role model.

How can a PBCA Certified Professional Business Coach help my business?

A PBCA Certified Professional Business Coach helps business owners (or business leaders) in two key areas: business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

  • A Business Coach helps you when you don’t know what to do in a particular area of your business, be it Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Systems Implementation, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Personal Development or Exit Planning/Succession Planning. A Business coach works with you when you find yourself “stuck” in certain areas of the business such as weak profits, sluggish sales, cash flow challenged, people problems, or working too many hours. Any of these can result in an unhealthy work/life balance. Other common challenges include quality issues, service failures, lack of leadership depth, a poor company culture, and flat-lined or declining company value.
  • A business coach helps you focus strategically on business and personal development issues and systematically solve these problems.
  • The ultimate responsibility of a business coach is to provide you with a “safe place” to guide and support you in reaching your vision. The term “safe place” is critically important to the relationship between the coach and you, the client, because confidentiality and trust are essential if honest and fruitful sharing of ideas and brainstorming to to take place. You will experience a rare period of vulnerability when sharing your values and vision with your coach. It is often during these periods of openness that the best results are realized.

What results can I expect with a Business Coach?

Many business owners get stuck working IN their business by not making time to work ON it.

A professional business coach helps get you to step back and GAIN CLARITY, so you can WORK STRATEGICALLY on business development and systematically TAKE ACTION to turn your problems into opportunities for growth. This results in higher profits, better cash flow, and a happier workplace, which in turn leads to a health, productive, and joyful life.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers studies have shown the return on investment on business coaching to be somewhere between 500% and 750% on a consistent basis.

What makes a PBCA Certified Business Coach your best choice?

Quite simple stated, the vast majority of coaches that you may meet are trained as personal/life coaches. While they may be a fine personal coaches, this does not make them good business coaches. A PBCA Business Coach has an extensive business background, has been extensively trained in all areas of business, and has an assortment of tools to help you with your business challenges – in addition to traditional coach training.

A PBCA Certified Business Coach meets strict qualifications before they are even allowed to join, and receives additional intensive business coaching training before they ever get to you. In addition to the training, they receive on-going education each week via group conference calls, educational retreats, Master Class Continuing Education programs and conferences. A PBCA coach has access to more than 850 specific strategies to help you in your business. A PBCA coach can confer with fellow member coaches across North America to find the best solutions to your specific challenges.

Can a Business Coach Help Me Prepare My Business For Sale or Succession?

Many business owners are relying on their investment in their business to provide for their retirement. Less than 10% of business owners have a formal plan to achieve this. Engaging a business coach will help you build the value of your business to make it attractive to qualified buyers when you make the decision to sell. Over 80% of business owners plan to sell in the next 10 years and the pool of qualified buyers for health businesses is shrinking. Put yourself in the buyers shoes then ask yourself if you business would realize its optimum value if sold today. A Business Coach can help you get your optimum ROI.

While retirements are sometimes planned, death and illness often isn’t. Having a Business Coach working with you now to keep your business growing and moving forward, will enable you to provide protection for your family and employees should something unforeseen happen to you.

As a business coach, do you have a coach?

Yes, I sure do. Just like any other business owner I can get stuck too so my coach, Edgar Warriner of Elk Advisers, and I confer regularly to keep me focused on my vision and to keep my business growing. I also participate in as many continuing education programs and conference calls as I can in order to keep current and energized for my clients.

What is the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

Consultants usually analyze a specific issue, present and sometimes implement their solutions then depart with the knowledge they brought to the table.

A business coach helps you discover your opportunities and growth potential, helps you develop strategies to acheive them and helps you stay focused as you create your own action steps to achieve your vision – your big, hairy audacious dreams.

Being the CEO can be an incredibly lonely place. Having a Business Coach as a trusted confidant with whom you can brain storm and strategize will allow you to achieve your goals. You will gain better balance in your work and personal life allowing you the breathing room you need to work on your business, not in it. You will be fully supported while achieving specific personal or professional results or goals in a time frame that could be as little as a few months or may be a couple of years or more.

What are ROI Business Analytics all about and why do I need them?

As our business world is being transformed from a local to a global “sandbox” it is becoming increasingly more competitive and aggressive. The rules of business are changing daily on every front. Every business owner needs to stay at the top of his or her game to achieve growth and profitability. Without steady growth in sales and profit the value of your business shrinks, along with your investment. Even the big guys like Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Walmart are struggling with shrinking sale and profits.

The ROI Business Analytics Package includes:

  • Business Effectiveness Gap Analysis – take a snapshot view of your company today, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • FINTEL Performance Scorecard Financial Benchmarking – compare your financials to your industry peers. This is financial intelligence your competitors won’t have. Improve your profits immediately.
  • Extended DISC Behaviour Analysis – use your behavioural patterns to help you understand yourself, your employees, and who and what your company needs for outstanding success.

Read more about the above products here.

ROI Business Analytics Tools enable you to make sense of your financials, keep on top of gaps in 10 key areas of your business, and help you hire the right people at the right time to do the right job, at an affordable price. It’s through these tools and guidance from your PBCA Business Coach that you can get a very substantial return on your investment.

These tools allow you to make wise and informed decisions based on facts, not assumptions. You will achieve results that will improve your company’s value and profitability, not to mention your peace of mind.

How do I get started?

Call Randy at ROI Business Coaching at 289-362-1487 or email him at info@roibusinesscoaching.com today.